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Collect your sport statistic data and compare them with other players worldwide.

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Which sport you need to keep the stats for? Choose one, does not matter how many. Simply start keeping your stats and enjoy great fun.


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Did you score a hat trick? Did you reached triple double? Write a match report from each match you have played.

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Are you best scorer in your team? In your league? In your country? Or maybe worldwide...?


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It does not matter if you are sitting at home, are you outside with the friends or are you just travelling. You can create match reports and follow up your stats anywhere and on any device.

Sports available

You can gather the sport statistics for these sports and events below



Game played, Game started, Minutes Played, Goals, Assists, Points, Yellow cards, Red cards, Plus/Minus, Shots on Target, Shots off Target, Fouls commited, Fouls suffered, Goals obtained, Saves total, Penalties Saves, Killer Pass Total, Killer Pass Completed



Game played, Game started, Minutes, Assists, Field goals made, Field goals attempted, 3 Point Field Goals made, 3 Point Field Goals Attempted, Free Throws Made, Free Throws Attempted, Rebounds Offensive, Rebounds Defensive, Turnovers, Steals, Blocks, Personal Fouls


Ice Hockey

Game played, Game started, Time on Ice, Goals, Assists, Points, Plus/Minus, Penalty Minutes, Power play goals, Short handed goals, Game winning goals, Shots, Saves

How to

Three elementary videos, which helps you to understand this application.


Application intro

What is is about? What can you do with this? | 3:21


How to create an account?

Before you start to keep your sport statistics, you have to create an user account. See the process how to reach it. It isn't hard, it takes only few minutes and you need an e-maill address only. | 6:47


How to create a match report

If you have created your user account and the season, you can start create the match reports. This video shows you how to do it. | 7:37